About us

Our Mission
Consistent with its policy since its inception, WTO strives to ensure that its Members fully benefit from the transfer of technology generated by the regional activities, enhancing the quality and efficiency of development assistance.

The Regional Representation for the Americas also pays particular attention to the specific needs of the National Tourism Administrations, local authorities and tourism enterprises in the region, conducting seminars and conferences on topics of interest to the tourism industry, including courses on tourism human resource development.


Technical Cooperation
Technical cooperation programmes form an important part of WTO's activities in the Americas region in the field of tourism. They are usually of long duration and aim to assist Governments in acquiring technical know-how in the formulation of tourism policies and strategies in planning, product development, marketing and human resource development.

The projects are based on a policy of sustainability and focus on tourism master planning at all levels, establishment of tourism training institutes, preparation of marketing programmes, strengthening the role of parliaments in shaping tourism policies, building national capacities for project management and the economic measurement of the tourism through the development of the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA).


Sectoral Support Missions
These missions are of shorter duration and are carried out at the request of one country or groups of countries to identify, evaluate and describe specific technical assistance needs and provide policy advice. They usually result in direct WTO recommendation reports to Members or in formulating further project proposals for funding by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) or other bilateral or multilateral financing sources.